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League File updated(Server Time):

October 15 2017 7:16pm

Albuquerque Atomics: Oct 14 8:59am
Arlington Raptors: Oct 04 5:06pm
Beantown Ballers: Oct 15 8:54pm
Border City Buck$: Oct 16 1:35pm
Brooklyn Bats: Oct 15 8:53pm
Cumberland Copperheads: Oct 15 6:16pm
DC Teddys: Oct 16 10:42am
Erie Pizza Bombers: Oct 05 1:52am
Greenville 84s: Oct 15 7:58pm
Hawaii Islanders: Sep 17 9:22pm
Kansas City Kings: Oct 15 8:58pm
Savannah Fighting Bananas: Oct 15 10:16pm
Kiawah Island Muckdogs: Oct 16 6:53am
Maple Leaf Syrup: Oct 13 5:19pm
McCleary Sasquatch: Oct 15 11:02pm
New Orleans Baby Cakes: Oct 16 7:15am
Oklahoma City Cyclones: Oct 15 8:04pm
El Paso Tacos: Oct 16 2:42pm
Pacifica Pantalones: Oct 16 12:28am
Pensacola Blue Wahoos: Oct 16 3:45pm
Puerto Rico Tropicals: Oct 16 3:45pm
Saint Louis Browns: Oct 12 8:38pm
Sausalito Meatballs: Oct 16 2:01pm
Shelbyville Reds: Oct 12 7:57pm
South Side Enforcers: Oct 14 10:44pm
Springfield Isotopes: Oct 16 4:00pm
Toronto Red Birds: Oct 15 11:45pm
Vienna Sausages: Oct 02 10:22am


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