Team Exports

League File updated(Server Time):

August 21 2017 9:13pm

Aguilas del Zulia: Aug 07 9:51pm
Amsterdam Flying Dutchmen: Aug 05 9:44am
Auckland All-Blacks: Aug 21 2:41pm
Bogota Cartel: Aug 21 3:09pm
Buenos Aires Gauchos: Aug 21 12:24am
Cape Town Tuskers: Aug 21 9:35pm
Edinburgh Fighting Scots: Aug 04 8:36pm
Fuji Apples: Jul 31 3:11pm
Gdansk Griffins: Aug 07 11:36pm
Havana Cigars: Jul 26 10:25pm
Helsinki Hustlers: Aug 13 8:05pm
Irish Whiskey's: Aug 21 10:44am
Jerusalem Holy Quest: Aug 20 10:36pm
Kwangmydong Kings: Jul 25 6:25pm
Koln Rote Funken: Aug 10 9:18am
Lisbon Navigators: Aug 19 11:15am
Mawsynram Rain: Aug 21 2:05pm
New York Knights: Aug 07 7:44am
Paris Universite' Club: Aug 13 8:21am
Rome Meatballs: Aug 21 1:35pm
Santorini Spartans: Aug 21 1:35pm
Sao Paulo Jaguars: Aug 07 8:30am
Tigres del Santo Domingo: Aug 21 8:11pm
Toronto Blue Jays: Aug 21 8:13pm


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